Arsenic Reduction for Home or Office

Soft Water Plus, Inc. offers both point of entry (Whole House) and point of use (single faucet or multiple outlets) Arsenic reduction systems manufactured by Adedge Technologies, a world wide leader in arsenic reduction with more municipal installations than any other company in the U.S. These fine systems have been time tested and proven to be very effective and dependable in their ability to substantially reduce both arsenic 3 and arsenic 5. As arsenic poses serious health risks at higher levels Soft Water Plus, Inc. will send out our certified water specialist to conduct a series of field tests to determine if arsenic is present in sufficient amounts to warrant further testing. If high levels are present we will suggest that a certified lab conduct a test for arsenic which will verify the arsenic level, we can assist you in this process. If your water test is determined to be above E.P.A. primary drinking water standards and you want to reduce these levels we will contact Adedge technologies. As an authorized distributor and service center for Adedge in the Phoenix market we will confer with Adedge engineering to determine the best size and scope of your project. Up to this point the only cost to you will have been the arsenic test completed by the certified lab. We will provide several options to fit your family’s needs and budget. If you choose Soft Water Plus, Inc. as your water treatment provider, you will have a customer support program after installation is completed to assure your system is operating correctly and efficiently for years to come!!

If you have arsenic or suspect you have arsenic don’t delay call today for your FREE Arsenic consultation and field test 623-465-4378.

Iron Reduction

Iron is one of the most common elements found in nature, accounting for approximately 5% of the earth’s crust. This is why most surface and ground water contains measurable amounts of iron. In nature, iron is usually found as an insoluble ferric oxide. Under favorable conditions on the earth’s surface the iron is converted to a soluble form and dissolves as it comes into contact with water. Well water is normally high in carbon dioxide and low in dissolved oxygen, which contributes to the conversion of insoluble iron oxide to the soluble form of ferrous bicarbonate. This type of iron is colorless and clear when drawn from the tap. As soon as the iron is exposed to oxygen the orange, red, or brown color will appear.

Ferric Iron: As clear water containing ferrous bicarbonate is exposed to the atmosphere for a period of time it will absorb oxygen from the air and react to form the insoluble form of iron, referred to as Ferric oxide or rust. As iron readily oxides and precipitates as an insoluble substance, it will cause staining of laundry and almost everything it comes into contact with. As little as 0.3 mg/l or higher can cause considerable staining along with an unpleasant taste.

These are two of the most common types of iron we treat, but are certainly not the only forms we may encounter. Bacterial, organic and colloidal iron are among others which would need to be identified and treated differently than the more common ferric and ferrous form.

The staff at Soft Water Plus, Inc. has had great success at significantly reducing iron and its staining effects for many homeowners and businesses using proven technology with simple, cost effective systems manufactured here in Arizona!

If iron stains are ruining your clothing and plumbing fixtures, call Soft Water Plus, Inc. today and Get The Iron Out!!!!

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