We would like to assure you in these tough times that since we are an essential business, we are open for business as usual.

Our technicians are equipped with gloves, booties and masks to assure the safety of our customers and our staff. We are using proper hygiene techniques and sanitizing our vehicles and tools in accordance to the CDC guidelines. Rest assured we are doing everything we can and will continue to stay focused to follow and implement any new directives from the CDC and the Water Quality Association.

With summer approaching, you will want your Reverse Osmosis System to be working at 100%. If your system has not been serviced within the last 12 months, now is a good time to have your filters changed and the system sanitized. And while we are there, we will also look over your water softener, flush your water heater and check the water pressure coming into your house.

We can also give you free estimates on any plumbing issues you may have. Call or E-mail us for a convenient appointment time.


Pete the Water Guy, plus our team of water professionals.