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How To Unclog a Toilet When a Plunger Won’t Do

How To Unclog a Toilet When a Plunger Won’t Do

We have all had that dreaded experience when a toilet won’t flush. Typically a plunger will do the trick but not always. Here is an infographic from a UK based plumber that looks at 5 ways you can unclog your toilet if it is backed up.

Important Information Regarding Covid-19 and Soft Water Plus Operations

We would like to assure you in these tough times that since we are an essential business, we are open for business as usual. Our technicians are equipped with gloves, booties and masks to assure the safety of our customers and our staff. We are using proper hygiene techniques and sanitizing our vehicles and tools in accordance to the CDC guidelines.

Don’t Be Caught Shorthanded on Your Drinking Water!

Don’t Be Caught Shorthanded on Your Drinking Water!

Empty Shelves? No Water? Limit One Case? Long Lines? Look Familiar? Don’t be caught without safe, high quality drinking water for your family. Soft Water Plus offers our customers the best value on Reverse Osmosis systems in the valley.

Whole House Water Treatment Systems

Soft Water Plus is happy to introduce two new systems to our product line of quality water treatment equipment. These green systems utilize both proven scale and chlorine reduction technology. These include our Green Fusion Dual Media Whole House Filter/Softener and our Whole House Scale Reduction System.

Leak Detection For Any R.O. System

For the tens of thousands of households currently enjoying the many benefits of high quality water made from the Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) process, you should consider the possibility of installing a high quality leak detection system to compliment your current R.O.  Since there are many different manufacturers of R.O. systems (some very high quality, others are not), there is always a chance of a leak over the lifespan of the system.

Ways to Prolong Your Bath Fixtures

Ways to Prolong Your Bath Fixtures

Due to the fact that the water in Phoenix Arizona that comes out of your tab is “hard water,” it will not take long before you begin to notice it wrecking havoc on your plumbing fixtures. Unsightly calcium build-up and clogged shower heads are just a couple of the effects of hard water on your plumbing. To learn more about how you can prolong your bath fixtures, check out this infographic.

Time to Update Your Old Tired Water Softener?

Has you water softener seen better days? If the answer is yes, we have a perfect replacement for you. Our locally manufactured Ultima Supreme High Efficient Demand water softer are now available at an affordable price.

The Whats, Whys, & Hows of Water Softener Systems

The Whats, Whys, & Hows of Water Softener Systems

Water hardness is a common water quality problem for homeowners, especially in the metro Phoenix area. If you have lived in the Phoenix area for any given time and have not had the benefit of having a water softener system in place, you know exactly what I mean. Hard Phoenix water will harm your kitchen and bath fixtures over time. It can also leave unsightly stains in your showers, bathtubs and even toilets.

The Ultimate in Home Drinking Water

The best just got better! Ultima Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems have made families water so much better. Thirty-three years and counting. Hundreds of thousands are currently installed in the greater Phoenix market. Soft Water Plus now offers an improved variation of this proven unit.

Stop Wasting and Waiting For Hot Water

If you are tired of waiting for hot water, now is the time to do something about it! Soft Water Plus offers an effective series of Hot Water re-circulation pumps that are manufactured in the United States by Grundfos. These proven pumps are dependable and get the job done at a reasonable cost.


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