We are in a drought and with our ever-growing population increasing daily, the demand for water continues to intensify.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that only 0.007% of total global water supply is safe for consumption. About 97.5% of the earth’s water is salty, while only 2.5 percent (where the 0.007 percent has been taken from) is the freshwater supply that the world consumes.

This minuscule amount is putting a lot of pressure on the world’s most precious resource. Knowing just how much water you use daily can lead to a better understanding of how much water you can conserve home.

The following infographic emphasizes the effects of ignoring water conservation and what happens to those who have limited access to it if household consumers don’t do their part to start bringing down daily water consumption soon.

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Water Matters: Household Water Conservation

Via Saniflo Depot

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