Hellenbrand Millennium R.O. SystemHellenbrand Millennium R.O. System

The Millennium R.O. system reduces contaminants and turns tap water into clean, clear refreshing water for better health – all for only pennies per day. A 4-stage system filters water to the molecular level; the result, healthier better tasting water.

Product Features:

  • Delicious clean, clear, water-on demand.

  • Up to 99% contaminants removed.

  • NSF Certified for reduction of many contaminants including Cysts, Lead and Radium.

  • Reverse osmosis system

  • Comes with attractive faucet

  • Compact design can be installed in multiple locations.

  • Environmentally sound water treatment

  • Cost effective, Convenient; fresh clean water ready at your tap – no more bottled water.

The Millennium drinking water system is professionally installed, and is available through your local Hellenbrand dealer.

Additional Product Details