Vertex PT-4.0 R.O. System

Vertex PT-4.0 R.O. SystemThe PT-4.0 is our most popular gold seal certified model and includes four stages of filtration to ensure clean, great tasting water right at your finger tips.


  • Provides Great Tasting Water Free Of Chlorine
  • Protects Your Family From Contaminants
  • Makes Water Safe For Drinking, Cooking, Ice, and Pets


  • Uses City Water Pressure To Operate The RO Membrane
  • Auto Shut-off valve (conserves water)
  • Flow Restrictor – modified capillary
  • Long Reach, Non-airgap Faucet
  • Feed water connector – Threaded Inlet Adapter with Metal Ballvalve
  • Drain Clamp
  • 1/4 Inch Flexible Polyethylene Tubing w/JACO Compression Fittings

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