Vertex PT-4.0/5 R.O. System

Vertex PT-4.0/5 R.O. SystemThis 5-stage model is designed to ensure premium water quality by using 3 pre-filters. The additional Carbon Block filter is added to treat water containing high VOC’s, high levels of chlorine, or where odor or taste is a problem. Alternately, two sediment filters and one carbon filter are used where there is heavy sediment load. The system comes complete ready to install with connection hardware, tubing, faucet and instruction manual.


  • Auto Shut-off valve (conserves water)
  • Flow Restrictor – modified capillary
  • Long Reach, Non-airgap Faucet
  • Feed water connector – Threaded Inlet Adapter with Metal Ballvalve
  • Drain Clamp
  • 1/4 Inch Flexible Polyethylene Tubing w/JACO Compression Fittings

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