B-R Industries Ultima WS-1

B-R Industries Ultima WS-1 Water Softener Ultima WS-1 Water Softener

  • Electronic demand regeneration
  • Fully programmable cycles
  • Double backwash option
  • Variable reserve (uses previous 60 day average and readjusts for it’s entire service life)
  • Heavy duty design can be used for softening or filtering
  • High flow design recommended for larger homes
  • Systems offers approximately 15 gpm
  • Excellent warranty – our premium control valve

Standard Features of All Ultima Water Softeners

  • High flow, heat resistant, heavy duty distributors, minimun 1” design
  • Upper collector (prevents resin from backwashing to drain)
  • Built in by-pass (turns unit off while leaving your home’s water on)
  • Brine safety float (prevents brine tank overflows)
  • Demand regeneration (reduces salt, water and energy)
  • Quartz underbedding (creates more efficient backwashing while utilizing 100% of media bed)
  • The system’s composite material is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Sturdy polyethylene brine tank holds 250 – 300 pounds of salt or potassium
  • High efficient resin is designed to be long lasting


  • Electronic demand regeneration
  • Variable reserve capacity self adjusts as your family’s needs change for the entire service life of the water softener
  • High capacity, high cross link resin (withstands higher chlorine residuals than standard resin)
  • Protective plastic color jacket for water softener (several colors to choose from)
  • Stainless steel protective jacket (highly recommended for outdoor installations)
  • Salt tank grid (elevates salt, and reduces bridging potential, while keeping insoluble materials at bottom of tank
  • 12 or 24 volt operation (reduces risk to the control valve during lightning strikes or electrical surges)