Hellenbrand Water Softeners

We provide sales, installation and service for a wide variety of Hellenbrand water softeners and related products.


We are pleased to carry the following models. Click on each product below for more details on that particular model.

Hellenbrand E3 Water Softener

Hellenbrand H100 Series Water Softener

E3 Water SoftenerH100 Series Water Softener
Hellenbrand ProMate 5.0-IC-2.0 Water SoftenerHellenbrand ProMate 6.0 Water Softener
ProMate 5.0-IC-2.0 Water SoftenerProMate 6.0 Water Softener

Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0-IC-2.0 Water Softener

Hellenbrand ProMate 6-Iron Curtain Jr.

ProMate 6.0-IC-2.0 Water SoftenerProMate 6-Iron Curtain Jr.

Hellenbrand ProMate 6-DMT Water Softener

Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Water Softener Filter

 ProMate 6-DMT Water Softener ProMate 6 Water Softener Filter

Hellenbrand ProMate 6.5 Water Softener

Hellenbrand WM2-IC 2.0 Water Softener
ProMate 6.5 Water SoftenerWM2-IC 2.0 Water Softener