Hellenbrand ProMate 6-Iron Curtain Jr. Water Softener

Hellenbrand ProMate 6-Iron Curtain Jr. Water SoftenerProvides a chemical free option for iron and sulfur/rotten egg odor.

Product Features:

Ecologically friendly
  • The ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Junior System is a “Green Technology”

No harmful chemicals

  • Results in low-cost operation
  • No damage to plants and animals
  • No hazardous chemicals in the home

Produces highly oxygentated water

  • Free from odor
  • Free from problem causing rust

Higher flow rates

  • High-flow control valve
  • Reduced pressure loss in the home
  • Custom designs for larger homes

Single tank system

Economical option for moderate iron and rotten egg odor

Product Brochure [PDF]

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