Water Treatment Services

Soft Water Plus offers a variety of water treatment services in Phoenix area including service and installation of water softeners and reverse osmosis systems, water heaters, garbage disposals, iron and arsenic reduction systems, and even provides salt or potassium delivery. We offer repair on most major brands of water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. We also offer yearly filter changes on R.O. Systems and can perform tune-ups and efficiency checks on water softeners.

Water Treatment Services PhoenixWater Testing

We offer basic water testing for proper equipment recommendations which includes testing for hardness, iron, PH, TDS, chlorine, sulfur and arsenic fields tests.

Water Treatment Devices

Water softeners can also waste water if they are not properly programmed. If you are not sure about yours have the professionals at Soft Water Plus stop by and give you a “Free” water system evaluation. This special service includes checking all programming and functionality for optimum efficiency.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems use water as a function of operation. As with any product over time parts can gradually wear out and not function efficiently causing excessive water use and lower quality.

We will perform a complimentary system inspection on your reverse osmosis system checking water quality, production and rejection rates. In some cases a premeate pump can be installed which will reduce rinse water by as much as 80% and increase productivity, quality and water pressure at the reverse osmosis faucet.

Water Bills Need Investigation?

In general check your water bills monthly and makes notes, if something seems out of the ordinary, investigate, it could be a leak, a water meter malfunction or some of the issues we have addressed in this section. If you are on well water and your pressure tank constantly fills while no one is using water, you may have a problem which needs to be addressed.

Salt or Potassium Delivery

We are pleased to offer salt or potassium delivery to your home or business within our local delivery area. We will fill the salt tank to the proper level for you and also do a series of quick inspections included in the service including…

  • A quick check on your water softener for proper operation
  • Test your water for softness
  • Check your water pressure
  • Check your water heater

Iron and Arsenic Reduction

We offer both point of entry and point of use Iron and Arsenic reduction systems for your home or business. Systems are manufactured by Adedge Technologies, a world wide leader in arsenic reduction with more municipal installations than any other company in the U.S.