What's In Your Fancy Water?

What’s in your favorite drinking water? Minerals – that’s what! And lots of them. Just how much mineral content does one brand have compared with others? This infographic shows 13 popular brands of drinking water along with their mineral content expressed in parts per million (ppm).

Tap Water: What Are You Really Drinking?

The contents of tap water vary from state to state across the country. Some of the chemicals found in drinking water will shock and appall you while the excellent quality of others will quench both your worries as well as your thirst. In the following infographic, you will see that the quality of Phoenix’s water is poor. The infographic goes on to show some various ways to filter water and types of filters.

Private Water Well Guidelines & Safety

This infographic highlights how to maintain your private water well and how to keep the water safe for you and your family. While a small percentage, 15% of Americans do not use the public drinking water system and may use resources like wells to supply them with a sufficient water supply. Neglecting to monitor your water well may lead to contamination of the water.

Think Before You Drink: The Costs of Bottled Water

Maybe you have been thinking of how you can save some money? Start by rethinking about grabbing another bottle of water. The way we drink from bottled water may be quite taken-for-granted but consider as well that this seemingly harmful act may actually be turning each one of us into a large contributor to the planet’s growing green problems.

Every Drop Counts

On average, the world’s population is growing by 80 million people a year which is increasing demand for fresh water. competition for this water exists all over the world and is only going to increase. Therefore, it is vital that we make a few easy, everyday changes to help reduce water wastage in our homes and workplaces.

There’s Nothing To Drink But Clean, Filtered Water!

How often do we take water for granted? Probably more often than you think! We see it every day. People choose to drink things like soft drinks rather than clean, healthy water. However, when we do need water, we most likely don’t think twice about where it comes from, how clean it is and other facts about our water supply. The following infographic provides a deeper look into water around the world.

Needs of Pure Water

The only way to really understand and appreciate the importance of water to our lives is to look at some vital information about water needs. The folks at Najboljsa Voda do just that for us in the following infographic.

Hot Water Recirculation – A Practical Method of Saving Water

Every homeowner in the United States has been faced with waiting for hot water at his or her shower or faucet. It is frustrating, inconvenient and it wastes thousands of gallons per household every year. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn on a shower and walk right in? Is it a novel thought with today’s know-how and new technology? Not really. Everyone should know that water recirculation systems are available for new homes, but must be specified by the homebuyer.

Pump It Up: Preserving Our Water Resources

Wasted water is more than just a drop in the bucket. A typical U.S. household wastes more than 8,000 to 14,000 gallons per year just waiting for hot water in the sink, shower or tub. In addition, rural areas are adding municipal water and sewage systems as new developments are built, putting unprecedented demands on water tables even in states where water supply has not traditionally been a problem.

Is It Safe To Drink Soft Water?

We are often asked if it is safe to drink soft water. Soft water, while not toxic, should generally not be consumed in large quantities. The process of softening the water involves an exchange of hard water minerals, which leaves sodium ions in the soften water. The...