irrigationAs a homeowner or business owner one of the easiest things you can do to save water is to inspect and adjust your automatic drip systems on a regular basis. After plants are established check with your local landscaper or nursery and ask them how to adjust your system to use the least amount of water to safely sustain your plants and shrubs. Over watering can be harmful and wasteful and can over stimulate some plants and which causes additional trimming and thinning. When we get our winter rains you may be able to turn down your irrigation system for periods of time saving additional water.

Check your yard for sink holes which maybe caused by underground water leaks, and have them repaired promptly or you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water, remember drip lines are generally made out of inexpensive plastic tubing and leaks are not uncommon.

Always have your water pressure checked, high pressure can cause leaks and create unnecessary loud noises, damage control valves and solenoid valves associated with your irrigation system.

Also, check hose bib connections for leaks which can be easily repaired or replaced

Another common water wasting problem maybe a toilet with defective internal parts. This can cause hundreds of gallons to be wasted daily. A simple test you can conduct would be to add some food coloring (green or blue) to the back of the toilet tank and wait approximately 30 minutes while checking periodically to see if the color has entered the bowl. If it has migrated into the bowl the flapper or other parts may have to be cleaned or replaced. Most common parts are sold at the local hardware stores and replacement can normally be done by the homeowner or a professional can be called to complete the job.

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