Hot Water Recirculation – A Practical Method of Saving Water

Every homeowner in the United States has been faced with waiting for hot water at his or her shower or faucet. It is frustrating, inconvenient and it wastes thousands of gallons per household every year. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn on a shower and walk right in? Is it a novel thought with today’s know-how and new technology? Not really. Everyone should know that water recirculation systems are available for new homes, but must be specified by the homebuyer.

Pump It Up: Preserving Our Water Resources

Wasted water is more than just a drop in the bucket. A typical U.S. household wastes more than 8,000 to 14,000 gallons per year just waiting for hot water in the sink, shower or tub. In addition, rural areas are adding municipal water and sewage systems as new developments are built, putting unprecedented demands on water tables even in states where water supply has not traditionally been a problem.

Is It Safe To Drink Soft Water?

We are often asked if it is safe to drink soft water. Soft water, while not toxic, should generally not be consumed in large quantities. The process of softening the water involves an exchange of hard water minerals, which leaves sodium ions in the soften water. The...

Water Saving Tips

As a homeowner or business owner one of the easiest things you can do to save water is to inspect and adjust your automatic drip systems on a regular basis. These and other Phoenix water saving tips in this post.

How Clean Is Your Water?

How Clean Is Your Water?

Most city water systems are able to provide a comprehensive water quality report on the water they provide customers. Under federal law, they have to meet EPA primary drinking water standards. Under the standards, the water is generally considered of good quality and...

Enhance RO Systems

Softwaterplus now offers RO systems with enhanced alkalinity for those clients who want the reduced metals and salts the RO produces without removing the desired calcium and other beneficial minerals some clients want. This feature can be added to most existing RO...

Leak Detection System

We now offer a variety of leak detection systems that are capable of detecting leaks in all your water appliances, fixtures, etc. Please call us today to find out...